7 Mistakes When Making a Job Application CV

Getting Jobs Near Me is quite difficult. Curriculum vitae (CV) or resume job applications are the initial tickets to get a dream job. However, it is not uncommon in making a CV, many candidates make mistakes that make recruiters not interested in processing candidates further.

Mistakes in making a CV is indeed quite trivial and sometimes not realized by candidates. However, there is nothing wrong if we discuss a few mistakes in making a CV that often occurs.

1. Mistaken Identity Fatal mistakes that often occur are wrong writing personal identities and contact numbers. This may be considered trivial for some people, but this error can prove to be very fatal.

Recruiters will certainly find it difficult to contact you if this happens in the CV that you made when applying. Besides, recruiters can also assume you are less thorough and reckless.

2. Unsure Photos The function of the photo is not to assess the physical or appearance that you have, but to make it easier for recruiters to recognize you. Therefore, you should use the best photo that you have to attach to the CV.

Also make sure you use formal photos, don’t use poses that you normally upload for Instagram or Facebook.

3. Too Much Information If you are quite active in the organization, there is no need to attach all the activities that you participate in. Organizational experience is important, but recruiters don’t need to know that you were a child doctor in elementary school.

You should provide information that is relevant to the type of job you are applying for to increase your attractiveness in the eyes of recruiters.

4. Show off Certificates & Seminars To increase their ability and competence, candidates often attend training and seminars. This indeed shows that you are happy to learn and know new things.

But not all of these activities you must notify the company. If you want to inform the recruiter, choose a certification that is quite prestigious and following your work later.

5. Too Many Pages You have to realize that recruiters are also ordinary people who cannot process a lot of information at one time. Sometimes in one vacancy can accept thousands of registrants who must be examined one by one.

Therefore, make sure the CV that you send does not use too many pages. CVs should be made up to a maximum of two pages but can cover all important and relevant information for the job.

6. Loading False Information

This error is arguably very fatal because the recruiter can just check the truth of the information you include in the CV. Only include information that is truly valid and that you do, especially in the work experience section.

If the recruiter knows the lies in your CV, it will certainly have a very bad effect on your reputation.

7. CV design is not attractive CV design is indeed not a major assessment for recruiters to call a candidate. However, if the CV design that you make it difficult to read and comfortable in the eyes of the recruiters, the recruiter will be lazy to read your CV.

Use fonts and colours that are formal and professional so it is easy to read by recruiters. If you want to add some graphics to your CV, make sure it doesn’t interfere with the information contained in the CV.

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