Ask God To Stay Away From These Negative Habits

Our thoughts and habits, though often overlooked, can affect mood and interfere with mental health. Just like bodily health, mental disorders will also cause symptoms that ultimately hinder daily activities if not treated immediately a prayer for comfort and strength. Therefore, it is important that we take the time to pray so that we do not feel we are carrying the burden of life alone. If the mind is still difficult to calm down, try asking Prayer for healing to religious leaders, so that all your problems can be resolved as soon as possible.

Before something worse happens, we should know a few habits that can interfere with mental health:

1. Pessimists Pessimistic people tend not to have good hopes and are easily discouraged. Therefore, pessimism not only affects the way of looking at life but also impairs mental health.

Loss of hope and despair, if allowed to drag on, can be one of the symptoms of mood disorders, namely depression. So, learn to think positively. Know your weaknesses and strengths, and focus on those strengths. Do not just dwell on weaknesses or bad situations that are being faced.

2. Perfectionist attitude tends to make someone want everything to be perfect, go according to plan, and without blemishes. This perfect standard is not uncommon to make someone disappointed and sad, especially if what is planned does not become real. If not controlled, a person becomes susceptible to anxiety disorders.
Set goals that are realistic, more achievable, and face mistakes or failures as a form of learning. If you have started to worry, calm yourself with relaxation techniques, for example taking a deep breath.

3. Obsessive thoughts Obsession is a negative thought that arises and is uncontrollable and repeats a past event or is being faced. For example, we are obsessed with always checking cellphones or social media, not wanting to miss any slight information. Don’t hold the cellphone for just a moment, negative thoughts have come up like, “What if the couple called because there was something?” This will stress the body and brain, make breathing and heart rate increase fast, and the body will release stress hormones adrenaline and cortisol. All of this will have an impact on physical and emotional health.

4. Low self-esteem People who tend to be inferior, judge themselves completely, compare themselves with others, and too often blame themselves will be easily stressed and depressed. It’s better to focus on what we have, maximize our potential, prove to ourselves that we have a myriad of abilities, and don’t think too much about other people’s comments about us.

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