Bathroom Tile Safe And Natural Cleaning Material

Talking about cleaning the place you live in, be it a house or apartment, all the space inside including the bathroom is an area that must be taken care of regularly. The remnants of soap and water left behind will cause crust, both on ceramic floors, ceramic walls, even to the bathroom toilet Carpet Cleaning Northern Beaches. The crust that emerges reduces the luster and beauty of the tile and this really makes the bathroom look disgusting and very dirty. Cleaning tile walls and floor with ordinary water and soap is not enough, you must use tile cleaning sydney service. But there are some tricks on how to clean the bathroom walls with natural ingredients that you can try.

1. Boiling water. Using boiling water is one of the most recognized ways to clean bathroom tiles. Hot water has properties to kill bacteria and germs. Therefore the technique of cleaning the bathroom wall using hot water is quite effective for crust or stains that are not too thick.

2. White vinegar. Another way is to use white vinegar. Vinegar turns out to have a hidden benefit, namely to remove the crust on your bathroom tile. Note, vinegar is only special can be applied to clean the tiled bathroom, not made from stone.

3. Baking soda. Another ingredient that you can use is baking soda. This includes a powerful ingredient to expel stubborn crust. The use of baking soda must be in large quantities, especially to remove the thick crust on the bathroom wall.

4. Non-iodine coarse salt. Salt contains high minerals and a rough structure, so it can be used as a scrub to remove the crust on the walls of your bathroom. This non-iodine coarse salt can be found in the form of flakes that are not smooth at all.

5. Using cleaning products. This is the last choice for those of you who want to be practical, namely using cleaning products that are already widely available on the market. Choose safe for health like non-toxic products that are used by professional tile cleaning services because many cleaning products are dangerous.

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