The Important Of Emojis In Texting

It is important to know that when texting a girl you need to use language and writing that is comfortable to read. Don’t be too serious in chat conversations. Most people open a chat application on their smartphone to escape the rush of their work or daily activities. Be a person who is fun and entertaining. Please use informal language that is relaxed but polite as you use it every day. Slang is OK, but don’t be too harsh and overly childish. Don’t use too many strange terms and abbreviations. Do you want your future crush to bother reading your chat messages? You chat to start getting to know each other instead of sending a James Bond-style secret code.

You should also discuss fun and enjoyable discussion topics. Most people are often wrong at this point. As we learned from the first point, people open chat applications to look for fun and entertainment. Therefore, do not discuss topics that actually make you confuse and thinking too hard. Reduce questions that are like an interview or interrogation. “What are you doing? Where are you now? Have eaten? How come you haven’t slept yet? ”Stop being so obsessed and desperate by sending a text like that. How to start a fun conversation? You can start by commenting on the newly updated display picture. For example, she put a photo while on vacation to the beach, you can respond: “Wow, it’s really beautiful beaches, where is that?”

You could also use smileys and emoticons. When texting by simulating certain movements in the form of text, such as emoticons, but using writing to express it to establish closeness. For example, when you’re teasing or joking, you can write #bite #pullinghair or * run away *. Although many say that emoticons are too childlike to be used by guys, that’s not entirely true. Emoticons can make your conversation fun and exciting if you use it at the right time and not overdo it. Using emoticons like πŸ˜€ or πŸ˜› when you joke with sarcasm can prevent you from misunderstanding. Combine virtual touches and emoticons well, then you will create an exciting and fun chatting experience for your crush.

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