You Must Know These Things About Loose Teeth

A loose tooth is a condition when a tooth easily moves when you feel it with your tongue or fingers. Teeth can be wobbly because the roots are slowly separated from the gums and bone supporting the jaw. Chewing hard-textured food and brushing teeth too tight can cause teeth to move more easily. Aside from that, you can go to if you want to treat your loose teeth condition with the best dentist in your city.

Unsteady teeth can interfere with your daily activities. If left unchecked, the tooth can eventually loose or detach itself. A loose tooth is common and natural in children. A child’s teeth that are shaky indicate that their baby teeth are ready to be replaced by permanent teeth.

However, teeth that loose unnaturally occur in adults. A tooth that is easy to move can be a sign of a more serious problem. This condition can be overcome by reducing the existing risk factors. Please consult a doctor for more information.

What are the symptoms of a loose tooth?

The symptoms of loose teeth in each person may be different, depending on the underlying cause. But in general, here are the signs to watch out for.

Teeth feel twitching when brushing or flossing.
Swollen gums and reddish color.
Gums bleed easily.
Problems with teeth hurt when exposed to the slightest stimulation.
Gums appear to decrease/shrink (gum recession).
Visible tooth roots.

There may be signs and symptoms not mentioned above. If you have concerns about a particular symptom, don’t hesitate to consult or ask the dentist directly.

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